The Central Court Rejects a Request to Issue a Precautionary Order to Freeze the Approval for the Plan in the Neighborhood of Wadi Suya'h

Publishing date: 19/07/2013
The Central Court in Haifa rejected a request to issue a precautionary order to freeze the final approval of the plan in the neighborhood of Wadi Suya'h in Haifa.   This request was submitted within the framework of the petition, which is still being considered before the court. 

Legal advisor of Mossawa Center, Sameh Iraqi said: "The court has decided not to issue a precautionary order to freeze the path of the final ratification of the mentioned plan, and that there is no need to issue such a thing until the petition is handled."

Iraqi stressed: "The court is wrong in making this decision, it should have frozen the final ratification and allowed the parties to submit their objections before the court as part of the petition.  There should be final approval of the plan by the Ministry of Interior, especially since we pointed out the many mistakes that the District Committee for Planning and Building made and referred to the referee's decisions which are priorities in this field. "

Iraqi: "We shall provide a special request to the Court to set a date immediately to consider the petition, hoping that the court will respond to our request.  Mossawa Center will also call for volunteering activity in the neighborhood in solidarity with the people of the neighborhood. We believe that there is a need to connect the public's actions with the professional work.