“The National Infrastructure Plan 30” Affects the Land of Eilaboun, Buaina-Nujedat and Maghar

Publishing date: 10/06/2011
As part of its periodical monitor of the official plans in Israel, ACAP has informed the local authorities of Eilaboun, Buaina –Nujedat and Maghar about the official launch of the National Infrastructure Plan 30 that recommends reorganizing and separating roads 65 and 85. 

The plan passes by the three local authorities and, in some cases, penetrates their jurisdiction areas.  Furthermore, the plan will involve harming much of the land of these areas and many of their citizens, including confiscation of land. 

ACAP has also notified these relevant local authorities about that possibility of submitting objections against this plan following its official release on ground of potential future harm. Therefore, any citizen who wishes to object to this plan is urged to turn to the District Planning Committee in Nazareth before 3/3/2011.