ACAP Alerts the Citizens of Tarshiha: Submission of a Plan for the Establishment of a Residential Area and a Joint Occupational Area in Maalot-Kafr Havradim

Publishing date: 02/09/2010
ACAP has alerted the citizens of the town of Tarshiha regarding the move of the Northern District Planning and Building Committee which has submitted a plan for a residential area and a joint occupational area between Maalot and Kfar-Vradim in the western part of the village; adjacent to the current construction area; a fact that may affect the future expansion capability of the village westward. 
The proposed plan, called stage C Kfar Vradim (number 15442/C), aims at transferring land into a residential construction areas and devising a detailed plan for an occupational area for Maalot city and Kfar Vradim.  It’s important to note that the land included in the plan is land which historically belonged to Tarshiha and part of this land has always been the private property of the citizens of Tarshiha up until today.  
ACAP asserts the necessity to examine the details of the plan that may hinder the expansion potential of Tarshiha westward, especially that the village’s expansion potential eastward has been blocked by the establishment a Jewish neighborhood in Maalot (as demonstrated in the map above), southward through the establishment of Kfar Vradim , and northward through the establishment of “ Moshav Maona”.
ACAP monitors the planning announcements released by the different planning institutions, follows them up, and translates them into approximate maps, and, when necessary, alerts the local authorities and the public committees in case there are certain dangers threatening the Arab localities and their land. ACAP also expresses its readiness to help the Arab Local Councils and the citizens to confront the various plans that hamper the development of these localities.