Information Technology

Publishing date: 14/05/2018

 ACAP`s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) database consists of socio-demographic and planning information on towns and villages regarding planning status, social configuration, and economic aspects.

Planning information includes:

  • Area and density of towns (whole area), Area of town used for construction and housing
  • Confiscated land.  
  • National and regional planning status: including structural plans, detailed plans, and the status of spaces.

The GIS system is not only used by ACAP`s urban planners as a vital tool that assists with the research and analysis needed to perform successfully as a watchdog, but  also provides an easy resource tool for the general public who may not be experts in issues of planning and housing.

The complex, intricate planning system in Israel and the variety of official and semi official agencies involved render it almost impossible for unspecialized organizations and municipalities to tract and respond to new planning laws and changes in Arab towns.  The Arab public and municipality members often  lack professional knowledge and resources needed to monitor, evaluate, and effectively respond to plans that negatively impact their townships. The GIS system aims to provide a unique user friendly internet computerized information system that will provide a resource information data base tool not only for urban planners but also for the general public.   

Data is collected and updated regularly in ACAP's GIS database.   The constant contact with various municipalities regarding educating their members on using this tool as a way to influence the planning process is one of the many consultations provided by ACAP to various municipalities.